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OptoTest offers a wide range of individual and multichannel power meters for a variety of applications.


High Speed Multichannel Optical Power Meter
The OP740 offers a state-of-the-art solution for high-speed optical power measurement applications where multiple channels are needed. Unlike many other systems, this instrument is comprised of individual power meters allowing for simultaneous data acquisition over all channels with unparalleled speed.

Up to 24 individual detectors in a 2U rack mountable mainframe

Able to read from all 24 channels simultaneously

Variable sample rate (up to 125,000 samples/second, 8μs sampling rate)

Full color touchscreen display

Single channel and user-configurable multichannel display

Color-coded Pass/Fail results 

Long-Term Testing
Discontinuity and Fluctuation
High Channel Count
High Variability Production
Stability Measurement
Transceiver Testing and Validation