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OptoTest offers a wide range of individual and multichannel power meters for a variety of applications.


Benchtop Optical Power Meter
The OptoTest OP735 Benchtop Optical Power Meter can be configured with up to 4 channels and a mix of InGaAs, Silicon, and High Power Detectors. This unit is ideal as a compact, stand-alone power meter or used in conjunction with a stabilized light source to measure insertion loss.

Up to 4 channels of individual optical power meters

Relative accuracy of 0.02dB

Measurement display resolution down to 0.001dB

Variable sampling rate via OPL-7 and custom DLL program

Can be controlled remotely via USB

Integrated temperature monitoring

Convenient benchtop size

Long-Term Testing
Discontinuity and Fluctuation
High Channel Count
High Variability Production
Stability Measurement
Transceiver Testing and Validation