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Multichannel switches take all the benefits and features of single channel test systems and allow for multichannel testing without compromising those benefits. 


Benchtop Optical Switch
The OP725 is an optical switch for single mode or multimode applications available in a slim-line, half-rack enclosure. This optical switch is USB powered and incorporates the latest technology in high-speed switching. With high repeatability and low loss, the OP725 is ideally suited for bidirectional testing.

Controlled directly from an OP940 via USB link, or by the computer via software

Compact, slim-line, fiber optic switch

MEMS technology, high reliability, long life

USB powered, no external power supply needed

Bright OLED for channel display

Interface to custom applications via OPL-SDK

High-speed USB interface for communication 

Long-Term Testing
Discontinuity and Fluctuation
High Channel Count
High Variability Production
Stability Measurement
Transceiver Testing and Validation