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OptoTest offers complete and tailored solutions for measuring IL&RL and Polarity of multifiber connectors, such as MTP®/MPO and MXC™. 


Polarity Analyzer
The OP415 was designed to test 24-fiber MTP®/MPO cable assemblies efficiently, but it can easily be configured for 8-fiber and 12-fiber testing. It comes pre-loaded with 12-fiber and 24-fiber polarity types A, B, and C plus the ability to create and store custom fiber mappings and channel configurations. Alternatively, the OP415 can learn polarity types from existing cables and store those for future use.

Test 24 fiber cables for polarity in 1.5 seconds

Replaceable front panel cartridges for use with 16, 12, or 8 fiber MTP®/MPO configurations

Visual Fault Finder with 24 individual bright red 650nm lasers help with visual channel recognition and routing

Especially useful with round non-color-coded fibers; simply terminate one end and use the VFL feature to identify channels for second connector termination

Manufacturing Testing
R&D Testing